The Mansion of the Erotic Society
Celebrate the sexual freedom with a mindset of SEXPositivity, tolerance and acceptance at our parties! We are not a "classic" dance club! Step in and convince yourself about our themed parties.
soho Lifestyle Club & Rooms
"Probably the most high-class and discreet hourly hotel in Austria​​​​​​​"
An erotic getaway to a place where you can enjoy togetherness for a few hours. A place where you can celebrate pleasure, feel sensuality and experience adventure, where you can live out fantasies or spend romantic moments. Whether it’s a fling, a love affair or a private party – here you can immerse yourself in an exciting world for a short time and retreat to your private playground where you will be undisturbed as you get to know each other better.
We are a team of open-minded professionals dedicated to telling incredible real-life stories, taking intriguing interviews with fascinating people and sharing them all with you! We come from different parts of the world and we hope to take you there with us, to inspire you and set you free from the boredom of everyday routine...
The best social Swinger Network on this planet
Find your passion! Dein 6positives Onlinemagazin, Blog und Guide
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HotnDirty Erotic-Lifestyle-Events for
young people and those young at heart.
Always wondered how to identify other swingers?

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